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Located all over New Zealand

On this page you’ll find some information about our
agency and what happens when you sign
up and how you sign up.

Who are we?

We are dedicated individuals who work within the Film and TV Industry within NZ.

The Director of The Extras also runs an Actors Agency within NZ.

Gary Benner, is a dedicated force within the industry with over 40 years experience.   • Gary is the man behind an amazing programme that helped such shows as Lord of the Rings, Hercules and Xena and their thousands of Extras run smoothly through an agency in Auckland.

You find our team are very dedicated to the Film and TV Industry in NZ – we are a very brand spanking new agency and always open to new ideas and ways we can best serve you – so we are always happy to hear from you and any ideas you may have, be you a producer, actor, writer director or one of your own ‘extras’ – we are here for you.

What We Do

The Extras was started to allow those around NZ to know that geography is not a limitation.  Films are made everywhere – from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, and yes whilst the majority of the work is in the North you’d be surprised by how much work comes to other areas of NZ.  We believe that EXTRAS make a huge difference in the quality of work, great extras create great films let’s be honest, – and we want great EXTRAS.
Our role is to actively find out what productions are being shot where and to allow crew to know of our talent on our data base. We are your hustle baby! …. We will provide you with work and you in return are a wonderful asset to that production.  We invoice on you behalf, take out your tax and our 20% commission – you in return have an agency you can trust and know has your back.

We are required to take out 10%-20% tax by law, you choose this when you fill out a form from the IRD of which we will send you,  you will be required to save a small amount of your payment for ACC.     

You are required to do all our own tax so get a fantastic accountant to help you with this.  

Do you need experience?

You do not need experience to join our agency, however like any
job, we expect a professionalism on set and in your day to day management of being signed to us. If you have too much experience we may suggest you join an agency that does more than just extras. The idea of us is that you are wanting to try something different in life, you need some money for tuition, for schooling etc, or your goal is to become an amazing actor and you’d like experience first, but we are NOT an actors agency, we are an agency for professional ‘supporting actors.’

What is expected of you?

We want you to take pride in being signed to us as we do in representing you. You are expected to learn all you can about being on set, we will help you of course. You are expected to have great communication, to answer our calls and emails, to turn up to set, to listen, to take direction well. You represent our company on set and we represent you as we get you work so mutual appreciation is a must.  This is a ‘real’ job, we expect you to treat it as such.

Is there a fee?

Yes there is. We have thought long and hard about this. In an ideal world there isn’t but sadly we need to pay someone to upload all the data on our back-end. There is a once off fee to join the agency, you will NOT have to pay this again. We will send you a care package which is included in the cost.  Any questions please let us know. Our fee is $60.

What next?

If you’re still with us and still keen to join up then what is next is you sending us an email stating so. We will send you a contract (you can’t be signed to anyone else) and we will send you some more information. We need headshots, IRD#, bank details. You will have your own log in to the site where you can tell us if you’re away, you can update your own page, height, (kids still growing) – oldies shrinking(!) – when work comes our way we will submit your headshot, or we will cast you dependant on job – hence availability comes really important to us as we realise this is a secondary income for almost all of you.
Extras pricing varies from job to job, the average is around $250 a day to more if you’re featured etc, larger productions pay more, being a body double can be $300 – $500 a day and if you’re featured then the price can increase by a large margin.

Still interested?

If so then fantastic we think you’re for us!
Please email us at and we will send you out the contract and more info for you to join us.

Ngā mihi

The Extras Team ( ‘supporting actors’)

– we are so new we don’t yet have a number – coming soon!!!